Cindy would love to have you help her protect our society.
You can help in many ways. The most effective volunteer work you can do is introduce Cindy to your friends and neighbors!

Other ideas:

      • Host a simple event at your home and invite friends and neighbors to meet Cindy and engage with her
      • Attend Cindy’s events and bring your friends and neighbors
      • Spread the word about Cindy’s qualifications
      • Pass out Cindy’s campaign literature
      • Knock on doors and leave materials about Cindy and the issues
      • Put a sign in your yard supporting Cindy
      • Deliver and install Cindy’s yard signs to others
      • Pass out Cindy’s campaign materials at events
      • Join our team in parades
      • Help with absentee vote activities
      • Address envelopes
      • Research various types of information
      • Help maintain the website
      • Help with database functions
      • Write post cards to friends
      • Stuff literature bags
      • Stuff mailing envelopes
      • Send “thank you” cards
      • Provide food for events
      • Greet people at Cindy’s booth at events and fairs
      • Babysit for other volunteers’ babies
      • Data entry
      • Organize and set up events
      • Make phone calls when there are phone banks
      • Vote and provide transportation to others so they can vote as well
      • Make one or more financial donations. Campaigns are expensive and you can bet Cindy will be seriously outspent by the competitor!

…and Cindy is open to your ideas too!